LDC and GPX Egypt Collaborate to Offer Azure Stack Services

Link Datacenter, the leading integrated technology solutions provider is empowering its clients with a new service offering that utilizes the fault tolerant, Tier 4 datacenter infrastructure of its valuable partner GPX Egypt. Link Datacenter is a Microsoft gold certified partner that provides a variety of data hosting solutions both on Azure and its local data centers, and managed services to cross vertical enterprises. LDC’s portfolio also includes security, infrastructure, ISV, SAAS , recovery , and migration services.

Azure Stack services, the latest addition to LDC’s infrastructure portfolio is now hosted at GPX’s next generation data center present in Cairo. GPX has more than ten years of experience in the data center market with four strategically located facilities in close proximity to important undersea cables. With 99.999% fault tolerant, Tier 4 designed data centers, GPX Egypt has uniquely differentiated itself bothregionally and internationally.

Azure stack, the latest innovation in Microsoft’s line of infrastructure solutions allows users to benefit from the advantages of Azure cloud hosting but with local hosting confined by geographical borders to satisfy various regulatory and sovereignty policies. With Azure Stack clients can host their sensitive databases and information; an imminent demand of many banking and government clients, in a highly secured local data center but using the same platform advantages of Azure cloud. Azure Stack can still easily connect to any systems you have hosted on Azure cloud thanks to the unified platform between Azure cloud and Azure Stack. Clients who have adopted Azure Stack services have witnessed improved scalability, security, and lower total cost of ownership with the pay as you consume model, by which organizations don’t have great investments in the local infrastructure. Link Datacenter is proudly the first provider of this offering in the region thanks to its strong partnership with Microsoft and elevated technical acumen.

This new solution follows the latest in cloud hosting trends, according to global research and advisory firm Gartner, private cloud technology and hybrid cloud computing; where organizations combine between private and public cloud, is set to experience a surge in demand and development over the coming period.

Utilizing LDC’s Azure Stack services allows customers to benefit from the advantages of managed services, including; security, infrastructure management, support and recovery. In addition, the solution’s superb scalability allows customers to easily increase their IaaS needs as necessary.

“Selecting GPX Egypt’s Tier 4 facility to host Azure Stack services adds a new dimension of enhanced stability, availability and connectivity to this new service. Our strong partnership with GPX has paved the way for this unique opportunity to combine world class data center design, and the latest in hybrid computing ” Gamal Selim, CEO of Link Datacenter

Hosting Azure stack services at GPX Egypt further elevates your service stability, performance and security. In addition, GPX Egypt’s dedicated data line from the multiple telecom providers omits any latency problems and guarantees faster accessibility to your critical data and systems.  This fruitful partnership is a major leap in the quality of hosting services as it offers the compounded benefits of both Azure Stack and world class hosting.

GPX is carrier and ISP neutral; having two dedicated diverse cable routes to two different TE Central Offices. TE and all of the Class A ISPs are servicing the data center with network nodes offering up to 10+ Gbps bandwidth capabilities.. Over the years GPX has invested time and money to perfect its datacenter quality bringing the region in line with international standards.  With a comprehensive backup power and UPS system, GPX Egypt offers an SLA of 99.999%, this is complemented by multilayer advanced environment and physical security systems, these high standards and many others have made it Tier 4 certified. Added to that, GPX employs certified engineers that continuously monitor the vitals of the data center and ensure smooth operation of all hardware.

“With the introduction of this new offering, we expect a major transformation in the region’s hosting market. Our confidence in LDC’s expertise, the quality of our datacenter, coupled with the acute shortage in the market for this kind of service makes us very optimistic about the success of this offering.”

Rick Uhler, GPX Managing Director

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